Books to Read: Spirit and Sacrament

Continuing to recommend worthwhile books for individual growth and the maturity of the church, we turn to the new book from Andrew Wilson.


Spirit and Sacrament: An Invitation to Eucharismatic Worship” is a great primer for the increasingly normal expression of the church in our age. Wilson advocates for churches that embrace the sacraments of the church and the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit at the same time. In our context Jonathan often refers to the Word & Spirit balance. Of course we think it is biblical so we want to press into it.

Often churches emphasizing one exclude the other. But Wilson presents a clear and engaging call to embrace both. For those of us thinking through how to integrate the word, baptism, communion, prayer, confession and prophecy, healing, wisdom etc, this is a great resource.

Who knows, maybe Reservoir will eventually have weekly communion!

Here are some choice quotes from the book. Grab a copy and check it out.

“The historic church has always been more “charismatic” than either cautious conservatives or sectarian enthusiasts have been willing to admit.”

“The gifts of the Spirit may be controversial, but the gift of the Spirit is as unifying a doctrine as there is.”

“Sacraments fuel happiness.”

“We need to plunge ourselves into the depths of our tradition, so as to spring to new heights. Down, into the historic prayers. up, into spontaneous ones. Down, into confession of sin. Up, into the choruses. Down, into knowing God’s presence in the sacraments. Up, into feeling God’s presence in song. Cal, and response. Friday, then Sunday. Kneel, then jump.”

“If you want to be gospel-centered, be table-centered. If you want to be truly evangelical, be eucharistic.”

“The elements we include in our corporate gatherings will inevitably influence our view of what worship is, and therefore shape the things we do when we are together in small groups or prayer meetings of Bible studies or family devotions or even on our own.”

“It is possible, and in fact required of us, both to earnestly desire spiritual gifts - knowledge, wisdom, faith, prophecy, languages, interpretation,  distinguishing spirits, teaching, healing, miracles, helping, administrating, leading, giving, showing mercy - and to do so with scriptural wisdom, so as to build up the body, serve the common good, love one another, and exalt the risen Christ.”